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About us

Cigar Haven is the region's foremost retail and marketers of premium cigars. We offer one of the largest selections of Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua brand cigars.

We are also passionate about providing iconic products to maximize the cigar smoking experience.



The body

The first thing to consider is what type of bodied cigar you are looking for. From mild or medium to full, the overall strength should be tasty while not overwhelming on your palate.

The size

The next thing to consider is size. The size of the cigar has some effect on the flavor but should be factored in from a time standpoint more than anything. For example, a cigar for the golf course can be up to seven inches and be perfect because you will have a couple of hours to work your way through it. However, if you were short on time, a five-inch cigar with a smaller diameter would suit you more for a quick smoke after lunch.

When discussing cigar sizes, two things are taken into consideration. The first is the length, which is always in inches, and the second is the “ring,” which is the measurement of the diameter. The “ring” unit of measurement refers to 1/60th of an inch. For instance, a corona that is typically 5.5 x 42 means that the cigar measures 5.5 inches in length and 42/60ths of an inch in diameter.

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